Industrial Products

Rayner Industrial Covering Systems are a low cost solution to protecting stockpiles of grain, salt, corn, soybeans, coal, potash, cement clinker and other dry materials. Since 1975, we have provided and installed covering systems for hundreds of installations, saving customers millions of dollars in lost product due to direct exposure to the elements. Contact Rayner today to learn how our Industrial Covering Systems can help protect your investment.

Rayner Industrial Covering Solutions:

1) Grain Temporary Covered Storage and Aeration System

The highest quality protection system in the industry gives you total protection and control of your profit! This truly economical system consists of a low-cost storage structure with ventilated sidewalls, center-fill with loading conveyor, complete aeration system, and tarp guaranteed from nine months to five years. It can be installed quickly on a customer-furnished base for only pennies per bushel. Your grain can be stored for an indefinite period of time, with minimal spoilage.
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2) Tarpaulin Air Vent System:

This unique patented air flow through covering system ensures that no moisture seeps in causing degradation or spoilage of your covered product. Available in single or multi-year life spans, this system keeps your product dry for pennies per ton.
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3) Refuse Rolloff Covers:

Made of multi-colored mesh, Rayner Rolloff Covers are strong enough to withstand highway winds and sharp objects. Designed to fit Pioneer and O’Brian systems.

Contact Rayner to learn how our Industrial Covering Systems can save you thousands in lost product.