Cover Repairs
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Pool Cover Repair
Spa Cover Repair

Need a cover repaired?

Rayner makes pool and spa cover repairs a whole lot easier!

No Asterisks. No Fine Print. We can repair or duplicate All Brands of safety or solid vinyl covers with professional results!

Is your Auto cover worn or torn? We repair auto covers, too! We can repair the roping, webbing, and all worn or torn material!

Free Shipping! We provide you with shipping containers and pay the shipping both ways!

Rayner’s Springtime Repair Program

As you know, the best time to inspect your pool cover for repair or duplication is during the spring opening. Take advantage of our Springtime Repair Program and enjoy reduced rates, no-hassle shipping and excellent turn-around times!

"Back at the end of July I sent you a torn solid safety cover for Dr. Maag. When you received it and examined the condition of it you informed me that the cost of of repairing it is about the same as replacing it. I agreed with you. I sent the request form back to you with mistakes that could have cost me dearly. Luckily you caught them and contacted me to confirm my order. For that I thank you greatly! Anyway, that you already know. The reason I am writing is to let you know that the replacement cover you built for us fits like a glove. The quality of the cover and placement of the straps were right on the money. I look forward to doing business with you again.

Thanks again," Dan Higgins