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Rayner Pool Covers Save Lives

1200 pound cow saved by a Rayner Pool Cover!

"Rayner’s Safety Cover saved my 1200 pound steer from drowning by supporting the calf."
—Mr. Clarence Janecek (pool owner)

In this instance it was just a cow and we heard about it only because it was a bizarre story. Now, think about how many calls we don’t get, life-saving stories we haven’t heard about: precious children or beloved pets heading for the pool and safely passing over it, not falling in.

Safety First! Rayner pool covers are made with only the best safety mesh and vinyl materials for a strong, durable and safe pool cover. For extra strength, we fully web both the top and bottom of all our covers with polypropylene nylon webbing. To the right is a photo recreation of the scene as Mr. Janecek
saw it. The calf’s hooves cut the mesh, but thanks to our super strong webbing, his calf was supported.

Rayner pool covers protect those you love!
Safety Pool Covers by Rayner may save the life of your child or pet.

Rayner pool covers protect those you love!

"If Rayner pool covers are strong enough to hold this 1200 pound calf, imagine how safe you and your children will be …plus you’ll have a pool free of leaves and debris!"
—Richard W. Rayner, Jr. (owner, Rayner Covering Systems)

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