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Solid Vinyl Pool Covers

If keeping a clean pool is your main concern, the Rayner Vinyl pool cover is the best choice for you! With the right water treatment and this cover, your pool can be virtually crystal clear when you open it in the spring.

As with all Rayner pool covers, our solid vinyl covers are individually made using only the best materials. And, to provide extra strength and reduce premature wearing, we fully reinforce both the top and bottom of our covers with polypropylene nylon webbing. The cover is secured to the deck and held taut on the pool with our quality built-to-last hardware.

Although our vinyl cover is very strong, there are safety concerns to be aware of. Because the cover is solid, water will puddle on the top (see photo) posing a drowning risk to children or pets who mistakenly wander onto the pool cover. Water must be pumped off to prevent drowning!

Our Solid Vinyl pool covers are available in the following colors
— your choice, no extra charges!

Color Choices for Vinyl Pool Covers