Mighty Mesh Pool Covers

When you want the ultimate in safety covers, our Mighty Mesh cover really stands apart!

More black strands for enhanced resistance to ultraviolet rays

More strands per inch for greater strength

Higher bursting strength

With a bursting strength of 670 pounds per square inch, this mighty mesh pool cover is more than strong enough to support a cow!

As with all Rayner pool covers, our Mighty Mesh covers are individually made using only the best materials. And, to provide extra strength and reduce premature wearing, we fully reinforce both the top and bottom of our covers with polypropylene nylon webbing. The cover is secured to the deck and held taut on the pool with our quality built-to-last hardware.

Our Mighty Mesh cover is absolutely maintenance free! Since the mesh allows water to drain through, there is no water to pump off the cover. And without the potential hazard of standing or puddled water, you can simply put on your safety mesh cover and forget about it until spring.

Our Mighty Mesh pool covers are available in the following colors
— your choice, no extra charges!

Color Choices for Mighty Mesh Pool Covers