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Grain Temporary Covered Storage and Aeration System
Bement Grain in La Place, IL
Bement Grain – La Place, IL

The highest quality protection system in the industry gives you total protection and control of your profit! This truly economical system consists of a low-cost storage structure with ventilated sidewalls, center-fill with loading conveyor, complete aeration system, and tarp guaranteed from nine months to five years. Your grain can be stored for an indefinite period of time, with minimal spoilage.

Partial or Turnkey Installations
This system can be installed quickly on a customer-furnished base for only pennies per bushel. Rayner has over 25 years of installation experience and crews to meet your specific requirements whether regionally or globally. Our installations and systems are backed with the most comprehensive warranty package available.

Contact Rayner to learn how our Industrial Covering Systems can save you thousands in lost product.

Technical Specs


F. Steel
G. Wooden
H. Concrete

Aeration System

I. With fans
J. Steel Perforated Piping
K. Plastic Ductwork
(best air movement)


Vinyl Thickness Guarantee
A. 14 oz 2 to 3 years
B. 16 oz 4 years
C. 22 oz 5 years
Reinforced Polyethylene Thickness Guarantee
D. 5.6 oz 9 to 12 months
(8 mil. 10″x10″
reinforcement strands)
E. 7 oz 1 to 1 1/2 years
(14 mil. 12″x12″
reinforcement strands)


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